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Monte McClung


Monte McClung



A Bit About Monte McClung

Monte McClung, Owner of First In Finishing, formed its beginning's in 2009 after a 20 year Career at Gema™  in Powder Coating Systems.  


Education- Monte McClung, graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in the fall of 1990.Gema™ Powder Coating Systems (1990-2009)- He was hired by Gema™ in 1990 as a Field Service Engineer.


Field Service Engineering Responsibilities
- Traveling to Customers Facilities Supervising Powder Booth System Installation. Worked with mechanical, electrical and general contractors to complete projects on time and within budget.
- Installation of Gema™ Application Equipment packages including mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems installation and startup.
- Service Calls to provide system troubleshooting and debug for customers      .
- Training for Customers including equipment operation, function, maintenance, applications and service.

Product Development Engineering Responsibilities
- After 3 years in the Gema™ Service Department he was promoted to Design Engineer in the Product Development Group at  Gema.   Over the next 16 years I completed or worked as a team on the following projects.
- Gema™ Switzerland - Team Projects
- Design and Trade Focus Projects on Application Equipment including control units, powder guns and powder pumps
- Design and Trade Focus Projects on Powder Booth Systems from US market studies
- Responsible for working with Gema™ Switzerland to understand products brought into US market.  Responsible for training       Gema™ US personnel
- Traveled to Gema™ Switzerland annually to implement design meeting and work on projects
- Gema™ USA Team and Solo Projects
- Responsible for incorporating Gema™ Switzerland product into USA project to fit USA markets including application equipment such as control units, powder guns and powder pumps
- US Design team for Powder Booth Designs, both Cartridge and Color Change Systems
- Lead projects on electrical and pneumatic platforms and systems for complete powder coating booth systems.
- Lead projects working with all suppliers/vendors to source product to meet needs/requirements and control costs.
- Lead projects to design introductory and harsh environment powder coating systems.
- Responsible for training and supporting repair and service departments at Gema™.
- He worked in the Product Development Group for 16 years and 3 years in Field Service at Gema™ for almost 20 years of service.

First In Finishing (2009-Present)    
- He left Gema™ in spring of 2009 and founded First In Finishing.
- First In Finishing Company Mission - "Provide quality and reliable powder coating solutions while saving and controlling costs to customers."
- Provide Powder Coating Equipment Sales on New Gema™ Powder Coating Equipment
- Provide Rebuilt/Refurbished Gema™ Powder Coating Equipment.
- Provide Powder Coating Spare Parts Sales
- Provide Equipment Repairs on all Gema™ Powder Coating Equipment.
- Provide In-Plant Service’s diagnostics, troubleshooting and debugging powder coating equipment.
- Provide In-Plant Training including equipment operation, function, application, maintenance and service
- Work with customers to determine their requirements for powder coating equipment to best fit their production needs while  maintaining budget.
-Anything that Gema™ has manufactured since the 70’s I am familiar with and have worked on regarding repairs, service or training.
-To provide an alternate source for powder coating equipment and spare parts that allows customers to save money.

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