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Manual System Parts

New +3 Generation


Series devices are upper segment devices where pneumatic and electrical parameters are digitally controlled from the front panel.

Its electrical controls give the opportunity to adjust the air values both independently and proportionally while remaining dependent on voltage and current. The factory settings, along with 50 different customizable electrical/pneumatic specifications, dual triggering options, PLC automation and bluetooth connectivity, make the E-COAT+3 MASTER the optimal solution for especially advanced manual and automated applications.

The sub-10 µA micro charge control option, as well as the 120kV-120µA maximum charge capacity and built-in LED lighting features create a unique coating experience for users. It can respond to different application needs with automatic, manual options and a wide range of accessories.

C1 +3 Manual Gun

E-GUN+3 C1

Manual Powder Coating Gun

E-GUN+3 Series Powder Coating Guns convert the signals sent from the control unit into static electrical energy and provide the unit with the necessary feedback signals. Various products with high precision and efficiency can be covered thanks to different types of nozzles

E-Feed V3 Powder Injector

E-FEED+3 Powder Injector

The Electron E-FEED+3 Injector Series powder coating injector is suitable for both manual and automatic applications. Thanks to its angled structure, Electron 3rd generation powder coating injector provides 25% more powder transfer than right angle injectors and consumes 10% less air. It offers an optimum coating solution thanks to homogeneous painting, energy efficiency and easy maintenance. With its patented filter structure, it ensures the application safety of the equipment to which it is connected.

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