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How to Perform a RAM Reset

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

•A RAM Reset restores your control unit to factory settings. All Parameters (Excluding P00), correction values, and User defined values in the Program Mode and Preset Mode will be overwritten with factory default settings.

•Any active Keyboard Locks will be deactivated

•Instructions for different Gema™ Control Units below

Gema™ OptiTronic® CG02 & CG03

•Switch off control unit with the Main Power Switch.

•Do not switch off the booth ETC

•Hold the Main Key down and switch on the Main Power

•Hold Down Main Key for around 15 seconds During Start up. You will see the programs cycle. Keep Main Key held down until you see the programs cycle in rapid succession.

Gema™ OptiStar® CG06 & CG07

• Hold down the Power and ON button simultaneously for 5 seconds

•You should see the programs cycle on the screen

Gema™ OptiStar® CG09 & CG13

•Switch off control unit

•Hold down the Power Button and turn the control unit on.

•Hold down Power Button until you see CLR on the screen

•Wait approximately 5 seconds until CLR disappears from screen

•Release the Power Button

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