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Gema™ Waggler/Rotary Oscillator, Refurbished

Gema’s Gun Mover (Waggler/Rotary Oscillator) is designed for use with automatic gun systems. The unit is both flexible and reliable, and is easily integrated into either new or existing automatic systems. Up to eight guns can be mounted vertically on the ROTARY OSCILLATOR. Each gun can be installed at a different distance and angle from the work piece in order to achieve the optimum powder coverage and penetration. The simple slip-fit clamping allows each gun to be easily moved and adjusted to new part configurations. 

Uniformity and Consistency 

Excessive overspray at the top and bottom of the stroke is eliminated, and the risk of “banding” is reduced by oscillating guns. The resulting film build is uniform and consistent, making the ROTARY OSCILLATOR a cost effective and efficient tool for a wide variety of applications. 


The ROTARY OSCILLATOR has readily accessible controls, and the simple reciprocating mechanism is dependable and trouble free.  Each spray gun is mounted between two swivel blocks. The front block is clamped to the gun, while the rear block slides over the barrel of the gun. The precise positioning of the guns is achieved by slackening off the front block and then sliding the gun through and re-tightening. The angular movement of the guns can be varied through 60° by simply adjusting the stroke length of the support bar. This adjustment is made by altering the position of the off-set drive on the motor cam. The maximum stroke is at the maximum off-set on the cam. 

All these adjustments to the guns and stroke settings are simple to make by means of controls that are easy to reach. Consequently, changing the gun configuration, speed and length of the stroke between batch of components on the same conveyor line is quick and simple. 



Power requirements 110/120v or 220/240v 

AC Motor 180w (.25 HP)

Gear box Variable speed, geared, 0-3 RPM 

Angular movement Infinitely variable from 0-60° 

Number of guns available to be used with. 1-8 



• 4 Gun Bar Clamps

• 4 Gun Bar Mounts

• All Mounting Hardware Required for Use




• During equipment refurbishing, third party parts and components are often utilized.


Sold Separately: Bonuses + Discounts on buying both units. Contact Us for details

Gema™ Waggler/Rotary Oscillator, Refurbished

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